Spread a little small business love

There’s never been a better time to support local. But what’s the best way to show a small business you care? Here’s a few simple tips during these crazy times.

  1. Check in on a small business owner
    No matter who you are, everyone needs to feel valued as a person. Make sure you let a small business owner know you are thinking of them, and show your support by offering to be there and listen to them about their worries right now.
  2. Shout about them from the rooftops
    Word of mouth is still the most effective form of communication. If you love a local business that you think your friends and family would too – tell them!
  3. Show them love on social media
    Like, follow, comment regularly and leave a review for all your favourite local businesses. This costs you absolutely nothing but it really does help more people see their business and could very easily lead to more customers/sales.
  4. Shop online locally
    Consider supporting local businesses rather than big corporates right now. Need a new bag/shoes/beauty products/gift – ask your friends for recommendations for locals
  5. Start planning your events now
    The 2020/2021 summer season is going to be utterly packed with events as many postponed events need to be rescheduled. Book ahead with your vendors (cakes/balloons/transport/photos/flowers etc) and start paying those deposits – this cashflow will save businesses.
  6. Purchase gift vouchers for presents or future use
    Someone in your family love massages? Want new family photos? Now is the perfect time to purchase a gift voucher from a small business!
  7. Consider a donation
    If you want to see your favourite cafe, restaurant or ice cream shop keep operating on the other side of this situation, get in touch with them and ask them how you can help/donate.

Just some small ways you can make a BIG difference to local businesses right now!

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