Private decorating workshops

Want to learn how to decorate cookies, but prefer not to learn in a public workshop? I hear you.

I know they can seem a little daunting, or maybe you’d just prefer not to travel.

There’s a solution – my private decorating workshops! Private classes run in the same format as my public classes, but in the comfort of your own home.

I bring absolutely everything along and leave you with no mess, just delicious cookies you have created with your friends or family by your side!

The Priests get creative

Above is a picture of the beautiful Priest family who took part in a private class recently. It was an awesome weekend morning in the family home, learning some tips and tricks to baking cookies, before getting creative with a large range of colours, sprinkles, paints and cutters.

I loved the cosy vibe of teaching a family unit! They all did an amazing job with their creations and produced some clever designs.

Private workshops can be catered for all over Perth. A minimum of four people are required and prices start at $70pp. For more information email

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