Cake licence? Yes please

cake licence registeredYou know how plumbers and sparkies need a licence to operate legally?

Well, cake makers are just the same. We need a cake licence.

What exactly does that mean?

Registered business

It means I have to be registered with my local Council.

It means I undergo annual kitchen inspections.

It means I complete an annual food safety and handling certificate.

It means I’m insured.

And it means I’ve gone through a whole long (and expensive) process to be a legitimate home-based food business.

Because it’s important.

No one ever wants to get sick, and especially not from cake!

Did you know that most Council areas in Perth (there are some limited exceptions) don’t allow home kitchens to sell uncooked dairy products, because they are a high risk product?

Some people can’t even use cooked cream such as in ganache. And City of Gosnells won’t allow raw desserts because they are uncooked.

It’s why we don’t offer cream cheese icing or cream cakes – but we have delicious, safe alternatives!

Support local

My little business has just passed another home inspection, my third to date. The picture is of me passing my first one two years ago. It was such an exciting time for me to be able to finally launch my business.

There are dozens of cake makers in Perth doing the right thing too. Just like asking a sparkie, I encourage everyone to ask cake makers for their certificates. As with any trade, a qualified professional will have no problem with this.

Stay safe, cake lovers!

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