For the love of chocolate

I thought I knew a bit about chocolate.

Like how it comes in dark, milk and white and is delicious.

Turns out, there’s a little more to learn about this delicious treat!

I recently went to a chocolate class by Sue Lewis Chocolatier and boy did I walk out (rolled out is a more accurate description) informed.

Bean to bar

In a small group of nine, we started the night learning about cocoa beans, growing regions and the chocolate making process.

Plates and plates and more plates of chocolate were passed around for everyone to try various chocolate from around the world, as Sue shared her knowledge and passion.

As we learnt more about chocolate and tuned into our taste buds, we are all instantly chocolate connoisseurs and sprouting phrases like “mmm that one’s really dry on the palate, must be the tannins.”

Tempering chocolate

Once we stopped being terrible experts, we rolled over to a different part of the shop to learn how to temper chocolate like the pros.

With all her years of experience, Sue made it look way too easy!

We were shown two different methods and the equipment we’d need to try it ourselves at home.

Then with our successfully tempered chocolate we picked a mold each and got decorating, filling, scraping, and setting.

I picked the piggy mold, which was definitely projecting how I was feeling at that point!

We swapped our finished chocolates with each other so I also took home a frog, penguin, cat, sheep and Buddha in a beautiful box.

Perth chocolate class

What an amazing night! The class was a perfect way to spend an evening in Perth and get to learn more about chocolate.

From the complete novice to people who know a little about chocolate, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, asking lots of questions and of course scoffing down a bucketload of chocolate.

I’m so glad I went along and it would be a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for family member.

You’ll just have to wait and see what we get up to with all that new chocolate knowledge!

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