I’m a food snob

It’s not something I post about a whole heap, but I eat out a lot.

At least a few meals a week.

I love other people cooking for me. I love no dishes. I like trying new things.

I’m in a kitchen for way too many hours a week so I think that’s pretty fair.

But there’s one little problem.

I’m a food snob.

And a dessert snob. A big one.

It’s not like I want something fancy. I just want to eat something fresh, packed full of flavour, well seasoned and balanced.

Yep, told you I was a snob.

And it’s pretty hilarious coming from someone who grew up eating meat, mashed potato, pumpkin (vomit) and grated Kraft cheese (don’t even ask) every single night.

So what are my favourite foods?

Ice cream, pizza, Japanese, nachos. And cake, of course.

I could probably spend all day talking about these foods and exactly what elements are needed to make each of them perfect.

But I don’t think that’s really helping my cause!

Something that I enjoyed recently was black sesame ice cream served in a choux puff from Yuuma. Not a flavour I’d normally go for. But served at the perfect temp and balanced out by that sweet pastry with a sable top, I was in a world of heaven – yum!

I believe I mentioned earlier I’m a snob! What’s your favourite food?

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