Do you make sugar free cakes?

Do I make sugar free cakes?

Nope, sorry.

We’ve all seen the adverts about toxic fat around our vital organs.

We all know that excessive sugar consumption leads to health problems.

But that’s kiiind of your problem to deal with – I’m not here to solve those woes with sugar free cakes!

A lecturer once said to me “nobody needs cake. People want cake.”

We want cake because cake is a celebration, a special treat!

Cake is something you eat with both your eyes and your mouth.

It’s beautiful, it’s sweet, it’s delicious.

I can make dairy free, egg free, vegan and gluten free goods. And they are all nut free as standard due to my own allergy.

But raw? Nuh uh. Sugar free? Nope.

I’m not in the least trying to be rude or flippant. I offer a huge variety of options for different dietary requirements because I know how hard it can be when you have an allergy or intolerance. But unfortunately I won’t be catering to the health conscious or diabetics any time soon.

When you’ve already taken gluten, eggs and dairy out, it really doesn’t leave a lot to work with!

Sugar does more than just sweeten, it helps to make cakes rise (google it!).

And no, you will absolutely never find any artificial sweeteners being used over here.

I bake simply with flour, raising agent, fats and liquids. No nasties. Just basic honest cooking which is bloody delicious.

And contains sugar.

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