Life’s funny turns

I never planned to be a cake maker.

It kind of just happened.

I remember overhearing my mum tell my mother in law once “she didn’t even like baking growing up.”

Too right Mum, I was too busy stuffing my face with YOUR delicious baked treats.

But fast forward a couple of decades and here I am. A baker. A cake maker. And loving it.

So much that I jumped at an opportunity to hand out samples of my products recently.

But let’s just set the scene here. I’m an introvert. I can turn on the charm and small talk when I need to (thanks to those years as a journo) but I’d choose sitting on the couch talking to no one, over going to a party any day.

But suddenly here I am on a Saturday morning handing out cake samples at a shopping centre and asking people how their weekend is.

It’s funny where life takes you.

You know what though? I loved it. Because I’m so passionate about cake. And I loved sharing with people how tasty cakes without eggs or dairy can be.

And the good people shopping at Rossmoyne IGA enjoyed the treats. Which I got a massive kick out of.

So stay tuned to see what this introvert gets up to next!

A big thanks to Rossmoyne IGA for hosting me in-store. This is an amazingly beautiful store which is a vegan paradise. Head in and see for yourself!

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