What’s your flavour?

What’s your favourite cake flavour of all time??

Are you a lemon lover? A chocoholic? Or strawberries-for-days kinda person?

I’m 100% chocolate, all the way!

So, what are some of our favourite flavours here at Cakes by Carli?

Standard flavours

These are your basic, your go-to’s, your faves. But don’t be fooled with how simple they sound. Our cakes are made fresh. They are tasty. They are made with love:

These can be paired with lots of different icing flavours:
-all of the above
-rose water

There are so many combinations!

Premium flavours

These are perfect for the adventurous, and those who want extra flavour explosions:
-cookies and cream
-choc honeycomb
-Turkish delight pieces
-lemon curd filling
-berry curd/jam
-choc mint pieces.

We can also add any of your favourite sweets, chocolates, brownies etc. Premium flavours do attract a surcharge.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas for your next occasion! If you need a delicious cake in Perth, get in touch with Cakes by Carli!

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