Swan Valley Wedding Open Day

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to take part in the Swan Valley Wedding Open Day!

We were part of the display at Albion on Swan, a beautiful rustic blank canvas for people to create their special day.

Under the giant teepee by TP and Co was our display, looking fine!

Furniture hire company Owl & Bear was kind enough to lend us this epic cake stand – and boy did it make the desserts sing!

We had a few wedding cakes showing different styles and a bunch of samples of small desserts – tarts, cookies, donuts, cupcakes and slices.

These are a great way to have some variety and cater for different dietary needs too! All our products are free of nuts and we can cater for vegan and no gluten.

Why wedding expos?

We love weddings! And probably not for the reason you think we do. It’s not about being able to charge more. Weddings don’t attract higher product prices from us. It’s about providing delicious desserts, whether that’s a cake or a whole dessert bar, for you and your guests to enjoy!

So it’s important we let people know that amongst the kids cakes and markets, we are also in the wedding game!

Why are weddings so expensive?

Well isn’t that a great question! Again, weddings don’t attract a bump up in price from us.

However, weddings are a bit different. We need to make sure we deliver our very top customer service – that means being available to deliver exactly when you require it, so we may have to turn down other orders to do that.

It means liaising closely with the venue about set up times and available equipment if needed. It means extra emails and calls to get every last detail sorted. And extra time to make sure it set up absolutely perfect, so you don’t have any extra stress on your special day. At regular parties, you might normally collect and set up cakes yourself, but at weddings there’s no time for you to do that, which is where we step in!

Contact us about your wedding!

We hope that provides a little insight into the wonderful world of weddings!

A huge thanks to Maddie from Poppin Cork Events and The Wedding Broker for putting together the wedding expo.

You can find us at the Mili Markets Love and Marriage Expo on 22 July at Joondalup Resort to chat all things wedding cakes!

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