Allergies suck

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Allergy life….is not fun!

That’s why I started this little business to provide choices for people who are usually not able to eat out. Not able to enjoy a special cake. Not able to take part in all the fun.

I know exactly how that feels! I was diagnosed with a nut allergy at 19-years-old.

Discovering my allergy

Somehow I’d managed to never eat a walnut until then.

The first time I encountered one was at a work morning tea when I ate a walnut scroll.

I got a scratchy throat and felt a bit off.

The next day I ate my usual muesli bar and also felt a bit weird.

A few weeks later I ate some trifle, and then felt really, really funny. I asked the maker if it happened to have walnuts in it. It did.

My lips were itchy and my throat felt a bit constricted, but I took an antihistamine, brushed off concerns and went to bed.

Fast forward another month, I’m at a house party with mates and have a big bite of a tasty looking biscuit!!

That’s when shit got real.

Immediately my face got hot, I got REALLY itchy, my tongue started swelling up and my throat started to close.

I went searching for someone who might be able to help. I’m so grateful that my best friend’s husband had a puffer and antihistamines which I took on the advice of an off-duty nurse.

I’d later find out that when you’ve had alcohol that allergic reactions speed up.

Unfortunately I’d had a fair bit to drink already, and I wasn’t taking the situation very seriously. She’ll be right, mate!

I was taken to hospital and seen immediately. That’s when the panic really set in for me. The alcohol wore off and reality hit.

Everything was ok in the end. Without the antihistamine though…

The fun has only just begun

Then started the whirlwind of specialist appointments, getting an EpiPen and adjusting to the fact I was not just allergic to walnuts, but my body had flipped out and I tested positive to all nuts.

Every. single. nut. And anaphylactic too – joy!

WTF?! I worked in a fruit store and handled nuts all the time (admittedly with gloves). I ate cashews by the handful. And I ate muesli bars with almonds in them.

No more. I had to learn to ask if food was safe. I had to learn to read packets. And I had to learn not to sulk when we went out and I couldn’t eat something.

That was the hardest bit. Watching everyone else eat dessert and getting served fruit.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I looove dessert – and not of the fruit variety!!

That’s a very long-winded way to tell you where the idea for my business started.

I understand allergies and intolerances and I understand the joy of being able to eat the same special dessert that everyone else does.

I’ve got your back.

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